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A little Friday geek humor

IM conversation I had w/ a friend just now — we’re both working on a web project, and communicating via IM. I’ll call my friend JaneDoe. JaneDoe: pwd JaneDoe: oops JaneDoe: unix there.. wrong window Susan: %G4G4:/home/Susan_Kitchens/IMs/JaneDoe JaneDoe: lol Don’t get it? pwd is a unix command that stands for “print working directory.” So, I […]

Calculate your Obama tax cut


I don’t like Ike

It looks like there’ll be a devastating storm surge in the Gulf and Galveston, TX, from Hurricane Ike. Brendan Loy (the weather nerd whose posts I followed for Hurricane Katrina three years ago) and the Jeff Masters WunderBlog are the sites to follow. Also other links in Brendan’s sidebar blogroll. Such as this post w/ […]

Being interested…or not.

James Fallows on the Palin interview snippet about the Bush Doctrine. People who are interested in a topic (say, sports) can talk of it in a well-rounded way… do back and forth dissections of this or that aspect of it. Palin’s answer demonstrates that she hasn’t been interested in world affairs. Fallows’s discussion is worth […]