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Bailout Bill Factoid: 3

Courtesy of Jonathan Martin of Politico. I really want to write this like the Holy Hand Grenade bit from Monty Python. Three is the number of the House members who voted Aye on the Bailout. Three, that is, the combined total of House members that hail from the states of Arizona and Texas. Not one, […]

What’s in the bailout bill?

Clusterstock explains What’s in this massive bailout Congress wasted the whole weekend negotiating? We just wasted our Sunday evening reading all 110 pages to find out. Key highlights and implications. For instance: The no golden parachute provision is toothless, as it applies to severance deals negotiated after this point. Already have a golden parachute in […]

Essay Contest: Win a home in Maui

My friends Julie Sigwart and Micheal Stinson are holding an essay contest ($100 entry fee) to win their Maui home. The New York Times wrote about it today. The web site for the contest:

We're all Poppy Bush's friends now

We’re all Poppy Bush’s friends now

“The circles below represent the size of U.S. government bailout, calculated in 2008 dollars. They are also in chronological order.” From the History of U.S. Govt bailouts (w/ annotations). Go there to see what each bailout is. All the bailouts in the gray box are during the Bush 43 administration. I remember back in 2000, […]

Fail. (latest on financial meltdown)

Fail. (latest on financial meltdown)

Planet Money covers Paulson’s & Bernanke’s congressional testimony. With a brilliant failblog-worthy image taken of the tough crowd in the room. NYTimes liveblogs the hearing Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images BTW, AIG’s outgoing boss turned down his severance pay. Here’s a list of places to check out news of financial crisis dealings: Naked Capitalism Calculated Risk Paul […]

The author of the Bush/Cheney energy plan: We’ve reached peak oil

Look for $500/barrel prices. Or higher. Learn to garden. Get comfortable walking shoes. During a trip to Saudi Arabia in February 2003 with his friend Herbert Hunt (yes, the son of H.L. Hunt who, with his brother Bunker, almost cornered the silver market in 1980), [Matt] Simmons had become suspicious of the Saudis’ claims about […]