Back from the outback

I’m back from a trek to the Sierras. Totally unplugged. Spent time at a place called Lake Alpine, elevation 7300 feet. Went hiking. Brought no computers, didn’t even bring camera (tho I made a pest of myself asking, “Can I take a picture w/ your camera?”). Did not sign up with Obama to send text message to my cel phone to get updates on Obama’s Veep pick (tho I suppose when I finish going through my email, I’ll find the “Hey! It’s Biden!” announcement there). Found out the veep news by asking people in the bar at the Lake Alpine lodge. After a hike. Also spent a bit of time in the foothills in the old city of Sonora, founded 1851, city #11 after California became a state. The county seat of Tuolomne County. Great old western frontier place. By the way, the Railtown Museum in Jamestown rocks.

One response to “Back from the outback”

  1. Hal

    Welcome back. Glad to hear you’re hale & hearty…