Fine Dorsal Wisdom

Things I’ve learned (or re-learned) about my back over the last several days:

  1. You use your back for everything you do. Everything. No, seriously. Every. thing.
  2. When the back hurts so much that you don’t think you can stand, breathing deeply and saying to yourself, “My legs are strong” will help to get you into a standing position.
  3. In ouch-situations such as mine (and all injuries), apply ice. With cloth between ice and skin. For no longer than 15 minutes at a time. Ice: it’s a default. My chiropractor said, use ice. No matter what. It can only help, and it won’t bring any additional harm. (The same cannot be said for heat, when the injury is fresh and acute. No heat. Yes ice. Remember that.)
  4. Ultrasound is good.
  5. That groovy camping mat (self-inflating! ooh la la!), set on the floor, is perfect for enough cushioning combined with solid, flat floor support.
  6. It is possible to sit at the computer for short periods of time (15-45 minutes), interspersed with flat lie-down times, with ice, and still get a certain amount of work done.
  7. Powerbooks enabled with wi-fi completely and totally rock. (alas, powerbook doesn’t have all the apps of the desktop machine, so above technique must be used for some tasks.)
  8. Did I mention how wonderful ice is? It’s wonderful.

2 responses to “Fine Dorsal Wisdom”

  1. Life Observer

    sk, sorry bout your bak.
    I seem to recall hearing somewhere that “once you get a bad bak, you never really get rid of the problem”.

    Hope that’s wrong wisdom bcuz my bak always get injured by doing nothing more than maybe just gettin outta my chair.

  2. I E

    Thanks for these tips, on watching your back!!