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Back from the outback

I’m back from a trek to the Sierras. Totally unplugged. Spent time at a place called Lake Alpine, elevation 7300 feet. Went hiking. Brought no computers, didn’t even bring camera (tho I made a pest of myself asking, “Can I take a picture w/ your camera?”). Did not sign up with Obama to send text […]

After the Cold War

Andrew Sullivan puts the latest Georgia/Russia conflict within two larger contexts: The Cold War, and the War on Terror. It’s long, but worth it. For some, we now realize, the Cold War was not about democratic values versus totalitarianism, in the Kirkpatrick formulation. It was about American hegemony against any rival power, totalitarian or not, […]

Coffee. Dessert. Democracy: Russ Warner in Monrovia Thursday

Coffee. Dessert. Democracy: Russ Warner in Monrovia Thursday

Russ Warner, who’s challenging David Dreier to represent California’s 26th congressional district (that would be where I live), is kicking off a series of evening Coffee & Conversation meetings this Thursday in Monrovia. Each week he’ll hold a meeting in a different location throughout the district, so voters can meet him, hear him talk about […]

Mom, Dad, I’m into Steampunk

A short, imagined monologue. [via] You’ll appreciate this, Dad. Would I ever lose this cell phone? It’s got a back plate of soldered brass. I created the aged patina with simple ammonia and salt. I’ll replenish that soon, if you’ll quit bugging me about it. Check this out. These interlocking gears are what I use […]

Fine Dorsal Wisdom

Things I’ve learned (or re-learned) about my back over the last several days: You use your back for everything you do. Everything. No, seriously. Every. thing. When the back hurts so much that you don’t think you can stand, breathing deeply and saying to yourself, “My legs are strong” will help to get you into […]