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Don’t host evil: Blogspot and malware

CNET: “Blogger, owned by Google, is particularly problematic, says Sophos, with the blog site alone accounting for nearly 2 percent of all malware hosts.” Google/Blogspot says they’re fighting the malware fight, tho.

Obama's inbox

Obama’s inbox

In 2004, when Gmail was (really) beta, and an Illinois-based candidate for the Senate delivered a powerful speech, Guru Raj registered barackobama [at] gmail [dot] com. [via Daily Dish] “I just thought it would be kind of funny to create an e-mail address based on a random senator whose name no one could spell.â€? Fast-forward […]

A miniature linkfest

Parody of Social Media sites. (sorta explains my on again, off again relation to them) Jimmy Breslin’s article, Digging JFK’s grave was an honor. Cited in the Tell Zell‘s compendium of farewell emails from departing LA Times staff. The speech accent archive. Choose a location, and listen to a speech example from there. via Abi […]

Tour de France

The route. This is for Doc M and for Garret @ Dangerousmeta.

Randy Pausch & The Last Lecture. Is this the last vigil? Updated

[UPDATED] Saw this a while back. Didn’t blog. Till now. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. The hypothetical Carnegie-Mellon tradition, “If you could give only one last lecture, what would it be?” was not so hypothetical in Pausch’s life. He delivered this lecture last fall last fall after finding out that his pancreatic cancer was […]

Obama’s Iraq Guides

Karen Tumulty profiles the two senators accompanying Barack Obama to Afghanistan and Iraq. Both Chuck Hagel and Jack Reed are veterans. Few know better than Jack Reed how to get beyond the customary Green Zone briefings that visiting VIPs typically get in Iraq. The Rhode Island Senator, a West Point grad and former Army Ranger […]