My sacroliliac is saying aaaack! At Tuesday’s yoga class I felt something spasm in my lower back. Just now got back from chiropractor. Ultrasound and massage will help get some motion in all the muscles and ligaments surrounding sacroiliac.

The irony: I go to yoga to strengthen core muscles to help treat some ongoing back problems from sitting in front of the computer too much. Tuesday’s aaack is located in a different place than my ‘problem area.’ Yoga: cure or cause?

If you’re reading this, you’re sitting in front of a computer. Now would be a good time to stretch a bit.

3 responses to “Sacroiliaaaack!”

  1. Hal

    Sorry to hear about the resurgence of mean Ms. SI. My Mom dealt with back problems for years and it was painful to witness. I hope for a speedy recovery…

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    Thanks. Each day is better than the previous day. And later each day is better than earlier that same day. OMG, LOL. Just looked at the Google ads that got placed here. Cracks me up. In a good way.

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