Quake! 5.8. Was recording a mic test when quake hit

I was troubleshooting a stereo mic — and recording my test of each channel — when the quake hit. Here’s an audio clip of the earthquake inside my creaky home office studio. It’s not long. As it gained in intensity from “ooh! a little quake!” to “maybe this is more serious” I went to doorway, and the mic got disconnected in the process.

From the onset of shaking to the point I stepped back to the computer to stop the recording (as motion was subsiding), it was 30 seconds. (don’t worry, you won’t have to listen to the dead air past the point the mic got disconnected)

Listen: 29 July 2008- Mic Test and Chino Quake

USGS Did you feel it Shake Map

UPDATE: They downgraded it to 5.4. Which makes sense. My “you’re kidding me” alarm bells went off when I found out magnitude, based on the shaking I experienced. 5.4 sounds better. And.. I can’t believe that I have an internal Richter scale-o-meter… and I can’t believe that it’s as accurate as it is.

Used Google Maps to find the distance. Using the “walking” directions, I’m about 25 miles from epicenter.

4 responses to “Quake! 5.8. Was recording a mic test when quake hit”

  1. Miss Havisham

    I knew you’d have something on this shaker.

  2. Kelly

    Wow, you can really hear stuff movin’!

  3. Susan A. Kitchens

    It’s stuff that you don’t “hear” in retrospect when you think back on it. amazing, eh? I was surprised when I played it back and heard the amount of noise.

  4. Miss Havisham

    Ah, I can hear the fear in your voice at the end there. Yikes! Here, I heard such a rumble at the onset, I thought my son was tromping through the house with his big feet in his big work boots. I was all set to yell at him when… shaky shaky we gotta quakey. My old house was like a ship on rough seas.

    Someone called into the radio station and said he was driving on Easter Ave. and City Terrace in Alhambra when he saw the road and sidewalks lift up and ripple. He said water was coming out of cracks. They closed that intersection down right afterwards.