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Iran is aware of all internet traditions, including Photoshopping

Iran is aware. Apparently the “news” photo on the cover of today’s L.A. Times was photoshopped. Lots at BoingBoing and Wired. Hello, World. And… remember the Airplane Guy?. Plus: More cowbell!

The downside of using military contractors

The downside goes way, way down. Ben Carter went to Iraq to offer his expertise in water purification and support the troops. He found problems. Tried to solve them. Alerted higher ups. Carter’s boss said, “The military is none of our f***ing concern.”

Stop Motion: Western Spagetti

(via Andrew Sullivan, who calls it a Mental Health Break. And it is. I could watch this over and over.) More about the filmmaker, Adam Pesapane, at the EatPes website, and from a recent article in Animation Magazine The concept was pretty simple: It’s the way I make spaghetti. The recipe is legit. I just […]