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My sacroliliac is saying aaaack! At Tuesday’s yoga class I felt something spasm in my lower back. Just now got back from chiropractor. Ultrasound and massage will help get some motion in all the muscles and ligaments surrounding sacroiliac. The irony: I go to yoga to strengthen core muscles to help treat some ongoing back […]

Quake! 5.8. Was recording a mic test when quake hit

I was troubleshooting a stereo mic — and recording my test of each channel — when the quake hit. Here’s an audio clip of the earthquake inside my creaky home office studio. It’s not long. As it gained in intensity from “ooh! a little quake!” to “maybe this is more serious” I went to doorway, […]

Let’s do the “Let’s do the time warp again” again

Rocky Horror re-do. Noted mostly so I could write the headline that way.

Rest in Peace, Randy Pausch. And thanks.

He died early this morning. Statement from Carnegie Mellon University.

Codex Sinaiticus goes online

What’s very very old will be doing the new. Codex Sinaiticus is the oldest New Testament manuscript. I’ve been to the British Museum twice, each time arriving at 4pm (it closes at 5) and both times I went straight to the manuscript room. Can’t remember if the manuscript I was ogling was Sinaiticus or Alexandrinus. […]

Esprit Decor: Queer Eye for the Military Guy

Dana Milbank’s describes congressional testimony on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Those testifying on behalf of the ban didn’t help their case (read the story). Retired Army Sgt. Major Brian Jones: “‘In the military environment, team cohesion, morale and esprit de corps is a matter of life and death,’ he said. His written statement spelled it […]