Bill Gates leaves Microsoft

It’s the top story at Techmeme. Today is billg’s last day. He’s focusing on how to give all his money away.

Yesterday I read a wonderful email rant by billg about his company’s products and usability as he describes, in painful detail, how impossible it was for him to find, download, and install one of the Microsoft product offerings.

Someone decided to trash the one part of Windows that was usable? The file system is no longer usable. The registry is not usable. This program listing was one sane place but now it is all crapped up.

But that is just the start of the crap.

Turns out that ranting in email like that is what billg does all day! From an update on that post:

During his farewell event at Microsoft this morning, Gates referred to this, and poked a little fun at us: “One of the newspapers had some e-mail that I sent about how maybe Windows could have been better at something, and they said, ‘This is a shocking e-mail. Shocking!’ And I said, ‘What do you think I do all day? Sending an e-mail like that, that is my job. That’s what it’s all about. We’re here to make things better.” [emphasis mine]

Gee, now that he’s leaving Microsoft, where will he put his rant energy? He should start a blog.

2 responses to “Bill Gates leaves Microsoft”

  1. Irina Netchaev

    Hi Susan, it was fun meeting you this weekend! Hope we’ll have a bit more time to chat next time. 🙂

  2. Mary

    This is quite a revelation – 1) that it is already the time for him to step down. Where does the time go! and 2) that no-one seems to listen to his rants! He may have quit in frustration after trying to use a computer with Vista loaded on it.