Strawberry Donuts and Moscato

The long wait is over. I’ve now eaten strawberry donuts from the Donut Man in Glendora, the likes of which were praised (and pictured) by Pulitzer-winning Jonathan Gold from the L.A. Weekly.

Picture a glazed roll cut nearly in half, stuffed (stuffed!) with fresh strawberries in a light glaze. Or look at the picture at the link. Or both. I’d gone to The Donut Man before, but not in strawberry season.

Last Saturday, as it was my birthday, we picked up a half dozen before heading down to OC to visit family. While talking to brothers, cel to cel (where are you, when’re you getting here?), I explained that we took a different route, since we picked up a half dozen strawberry donuts. My poor brother thought I was loopy; he pictured that pinkish strawberry glaze on a canonical cake donut, and tried to match that with the sound of triumph in my voice. Only when we started pulling a half dozen of these from a full sized donut box did he get the picture.

Near the house where I grew up is a reputable shop for buying wine called Hi-Time Wine & Spirits. During the family week in May, when all the sibs did gather there (at the house, not at Hi-Time), one brother and I went on a Hi-Time spree, buying a case full of under $10 wines. We did tastings at dinner. But there are some still left over, including a certain Orange County Fair Gold Medal Winning Moscato Allegro. So when it came time for dinner, I found the bottle, stuck it in the fridge, and then when we brought out the donuts, we opened the Muscato. Which has a nice mix of sweetness and acidity to it. Kind of like strawberries.


People, I have a new wine & food pairing for you. Good pairings are those where the taste of one enhances the flavor of the other. Good pairings are where 1+1 = 3.

Maybe I’ll post a photo later. It wasn’t taken with my camera.

One response to “Strawberry Donuts and Moscato”

  1. Susan C

    Your wine and donut pairing sounds great. Now, your next assignment is to return to The Donut Man in one month when fresh peaches are in season. Purchase a half dozen of the fresh peach donuts and a bottle of Moscato. I wonder if that pairing will be as successful.