10 cents more today than yesterday

I’ve been deep in the Family Health Care Time-Space Continuum. Getting there and back is a hundred miles, round trip.

My last fill-up: Tuesday, May 27. Price: $4.059/gallon. (For Regular)
This’ll get me nearly 270 miles, or around two-and-a-half round trips to and from the Health Care Time Space continuum. I go down Tuesday and return two or more days later.

By Saturday afternoon, it becomes clear I need to make a trip down for the day Sunday. Just before I get on the freeway to make the trek, I note the prices at the gas station at the corner.

Sunday, June 1: Single-day, round trip. $4.229/gallon

Monday night, June 2: Urgent, unscheduled trip. $4.379/gallon

Wednesday night, June 4: Homebound leg. (Conditions improved, I’m happy to say) I’m running on empty, so gas up at the other place. $4.465/gallon

In one week, I’ve seen gas prices jump up by over fifty cents per gallon. I can’t stop making trips to the Healthcare Time Space continuum. But I sure as heck am not driving anywhere else. And for both the healthcare part and the prices at the pump, I’m wondering, when will it stop?

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  1. Goinglikesixty

    Wow. just wow.