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Bill Gates leaves Microsoft

It’s the top story at Techmeme. Today is billg’s last day. He’s focusing on how to give all his money away. Yesterday I read a wonderful email rant by billg about his company’s products and usability as he describes, in painful detail, how impossible it was for him to find, download, and install one of […]

Firefox keyboard shortcuts

Cross-platform set of key commands — I’ve long since done command-1, command-2, etc to go to the first, second tabs (and so on), but didn’t know (or had forgotten) the command for next and previous tab: Ctrl-tab (next) ctrl-shift-tab (previous). On Safari, all you have are these commands (next, previous) — no direct to specific […]

Who’s resurrecting the electric car?

Electro-Shock Therapy. When one of the world’s mightiest corporations throws everything it’s got at a project, and when it shreds its rule book in the process, the results are likely to be impressive. The story of GM’s Volt. Not your standard hybrid: Still, even for General Motors, the Volt is a reach. If it meets […]

Strawberry Donuts and Moscato

The long wait is over. I’ve now eaten strawberry donuts from the Donut Man in Glendora, the likes of which were praised (and pictured) by Pulitzer-winning Jonathan Gold from the L.A. Weekly. Picture a glazed roll cut nearly in half, stuffed (stuffed!) with fresh strawberries in a light glaze. Or look at the picture at […]

Poetic Justice

This is a thing of beauty. Teenagers who broke into a house used by poet Robert Frost have to attend a class to learn about the man’s works, especially “The Road Not Taken.” The part that gets into the lectures, and how it relates to the kids, is a treat. [via Andrew Sullivan]

10 cents more today than yesterday

I’ve been deep in the Family Health Care Time-Space Continuum. Getting there and back is a hundred miles, round trip. My last fill-up: Tuesday, May 27. Price: $4.059/gallon. (For Regular) This’ll get me nearly 270 miles, or around two-and-a-half round trips to and from the Health Care Time Space continuum. I go down Tuesday and […]