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Molecular Gastronomy: Salt does not dissolve in oil

Home truths for the kitchen and cooking. Salt does not dissolve in oil. [via Ezra Klein’s linkblog] Which explains that cool Lavender bath salt scrub that I picked up at trader joes. Lavender oil, salt. Scrub it in, and the salt does dissolve in contact with water. In the shower. The name of the expert […]

Portion size, then and now

Things got bigger. Photos for illustration purposes only. But you get the idea.

Fractal cabinets

So cool. They get smaller, but not infinitely so. [via boingBoing]

Design Patterns for Info Design

For your inner UI Geek: Information Design Patterns. Christian Behrens posts his master’s thesis (interface design) online in a flash interface, so you can browse and explore all the permutations.

Rest in Peace, Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi’s life. Tonight we’re drinking a Barbera from Woodbridge by Mondavi (The winery, named for the town of Woodbridge, is near Lodi, which is near Stockton, CA). We lift our glasses in a toast to Mondavi and the way that he vi changed California for the better when it comes to the fruit of […]

Switched blog

David Alison blogs in detail about having switched from Windows to a Mac, with gory details about how it’s been. Hat tip to James Fallows, who’s in Beijing and therefore has been blogging the earthquake. This is for my bro (Daddy. Sit.) who got a Macbook and who, last week, said that he hasn’t yet […]