Phoenix on Mars: Where to go for coverage

I’m not following the Phoenix Mars mission with the same kind of persistence as I did Spirit and Opportunity, the two rovers — there’s a family health matter that takes precedence.

The Phoenix Mission team is doing daily briefings at 11am pacific/2pm Eastern that you can watch on NASA TV. (I just tuned in to the end of the Q&A for today’s briefing).

Phoenix descent in context: A larger photo of Phoenix in descent… it looks as tho it’s dropping into a huge crater, but no. It’s in “front” of that crater. Definitely worth a look.

Here’s where to go to find out more:

The Hometown news:

Since the University of Arizona in Tucson is running the mission, local AZ papers are covering things:

  • azstarnet is the — their latest article about deploying the arm.
  • The Tucson Citizen had front page treatment of the mission, but I don’t see the mission featured there any more. (There are video and photo links off the front page, tho)
  • Pasadena Star News is the hometown paper for JPL, and has ongoing coverage. here’s the latest article about switching communications from MRO to Odyssey (i.e., from one orbiting satellite to another; MRO had a communications glitch and while they investigate the reason for it, they switched main communications to another satellite, Odyssey)

If you find another site that’s doing good Mars Phoenix coverage, please let me know in the comments.

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  1. jhaygood

    Hey Susan – jhaygood from the Fieldhands here. That photo of phoenix over the crater is INSANE! I love that stuff. Just found the link to your site at NarcoNews.

    Good luck on your family health issues…