The woman in the 10-gallon hat

Doris in the field. Close up

Who is this woman in the 10-gallon hat? My great aunt Doris. I’ve more fun photos of her (posing as that western gal for her fellow eastern art school students! standing on horses!) in a post I wrote about learning about the history of Billings, Montana, while reading letters in the attic sent from Billings to parts east. It’s my entry in the latest Carnival of Genealogy: History of a city where an ancestor lived.

2 responses to “The woman in the 10-gallon hat”

  1. Miss Havisham

    Look at that confidence. She is inspirational.

  2. Redacted

    I love finding old pictures because then it is like a great mystery to find out all about the people. What were their lives like, what was happening in the world around them. Your great aunt is telling a great story with this pic. Even though it is staged, it tells a story. LOVE IT

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