Who’s doing “news”? Who’s doing “comedy”?

Each time I’ve seen Jon Stewart in an interview confronted with the statement that what he’s doing is journalism, he always counters that he’s doing comedy. Michael Ventre at MSNBC re-introduces the Jon Stewart does journalism statement with this, about the traditional news media:

As Stewart has transformed into someone who can deliver the news with integrity and honesty, the folks you thought were trained to do that job have evolved into entertainers.

I’ll certainly ascribe the J-tag to Stewart for his ability to edit a speech or a congressional testimony to its essence (Abu Gonzales: “I don’t recall”). He’s doing it for the C, but it is, in fact, J.

One response to “Who’s doing “news”? Who’s doing “comedy”?”

  1. Jean-Luc Picard

    An autocue is all what newsreaders really need!