Prepare 2 b assimilated. Resiztance iz futil.

This is for WCGB and AP and FCBlog. But mostly WCBG and AP. (Consider this a spurious comment that has rolled and gathered moss. Or something.)

Resiztance is Futil. KTHXBAI

3 responses to “Prepare 2 b assimilated. Resiztance iz futil.”

  1. AP

    LOL That’s awesome.

  2. WCGB

    It is true that Pasadena managed to gerrymander its way onto the north side of west Altadena Drive (surely this means the ARTS buses should go into Altadena!). I remember those “No Annexation!” bumper stickers from 25 years ago.

    Very nice work – well done!

  3. Centinel

    Bahahahaha. Well done.