Santa Anita Fire: No Satellite News is Good News

[aka Sierra Madre Fire, Santa Anita Canyon Fire, Chantry Flat Fire, Santa Anita Wildland Fire]

No wind … and no news is good news, when it comes to satellite imagery of the local fire.

I went to the NOAA Real Time Satellite Fire Montioring Page — Southwest US to see if our fire was on the radar visible/infrared/reflectivity map.

Here’s the GOES 10 visible image, which I cropped and annotated to show you where to look:

GOES satellite for April 28

By the way, UTC is the same as Greenwich Mean Time, so April 28 8:XX UTC is just after midnight our time. So the picture may have some time delay before we see it.. and the image may be different several hours from now when the image is taken at 1400 UTC which is roughly dawn local time. I goofed. the 08 is the year, and the time on this is at 21:00 UTC, which is gettin’ on toward evening over there, but middle of the day right here. Oops.

Click the link under the photo to view the Java Loop, which shows an animation of the last several images to see a trend and movement.

But here. I made an animating GIF for you….

NOAA Satellite GOES 10 animation

Now consider this: The prevailing winds (at the cloud cover layer) are traveling from west to east, and the fire is traveling west, which means that it’s obeying very local wind direction. If we were to have Santa Ana wind conditions, it’d be far different. It’d be more like this (from a past fire where there were many fires and Santa Ana winds to stoke the flames)… or the bottom image in this post, which is from October 2007 during fire season.

Here’s the MODIS Satellite view of the fire, Source page, it’s the JPEG Bands 1,4,3 view

MODIS California_south 4 28 2008 20:24:30 GMT
MODIS California_south 4/28/2008 20:24:30 GMT

Compare that with a MODIS image from Last October, when the winds were blowing:
CA fire 22 Oct 2007 MODIS