Chantry Flat Fire (formerly Santa Anita Canyon fire): sites to visit

This is a shout out and circle-blog to show other local blogs that are covering the fire. Oh, and by the way, I’m fine. I’m low enough in the foothills that I’m not directly affected, other than being able to see the fire when I go outside.

91024 — close to the fire.

In Sierra Madre continues to post news releases from the City of Sierra Madre. Here’s the 1pm update

Flickr: I added my fotos to The Foothill Cities blog group pool, and Centinel of The Foothill Cities blog has been recruiting other flickr photographers to post theirs there, so check it out. Lots of photos from last night are showing up. Plus some great ones from today, too. Check out The Foothill Cities blog, and especially the comments.

The UCLA Astronomy Mt. Wilson tower cam has been pointed south, you can see smoke from the fire over a ridge or two

Just heard word from Doc M (stopping at Ralph’s, where I shot last night’s photos from) that the firefighters are flying the tankers and dumping that orange stuff.

The LA Times story about the evacuation of a wedding party includes quotes from Sierra Madre Fire Battalion Chief Michael Bamberger. Cool. I call him Father Mike, he’s the rector of Church of the Ascension in Sierra Madre (my church). I blogged the church a long, long time ago for an event in September 2000 called Behind The Curtain. (Photos taken over 24 hours in the lives of webloggers) Here’s my page with Ascension, Sierra Madre. I digress.

Here’s a bit of what Bamberger said about the Chantry Flat fire:

“This is not a lazy fire,” he said. “This fire is burning with some energy.” Bamberger said he was waiting for the possibility of more evacuations, although he added, “It looks like we’re making good progress tying off the southern end of the fire,” near the city’s northern boundary.

About 500 firefighters from all over the state are attacking the blaze and more are on the way, Bamberger said.

Frank Giardot’s Inside So Cal SGV Crime Scene blog has a number of posts on the fire. Here’s the first, and here’s a link to his wildfire category of posts, where you can read ’em all.

I’ll add more links to this post as I come across them.

East of Allen describes the staging area for the air assault