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Santa Anita Canyon Fire, Evening Photos

At dusk, before dinner…. After Dinner, approx 10 pm, from across the street from Ralph’s Parking lot on 2nd just north of Foothill in Monrovia, CA. See my short series of nighttime photos on Flickr. About the Near Ralph’s parking lot views — the fire is coming down the hill. Don’t know where plain old […]

Fire in the Foothills — Sierra Madre/Arcadia in the Santa Anita Canyon area

While driving east on the 210, I saw a fairly fresh fire in the foothills. I got off at the Santa Anita exit, and it looks to be in the San Gabriel Mountains oh-so-slightly east of Santa Anita. From what I could tell, it appears to be above the housing line, but I could be […]

This site is still rather broken

I’ll have to see if upgrading it to the latest WordPress fixes it. Or it may be that my custom hosting situation has so tricked out all the auto disallow comment spammers and the like so thoroughly that it ended up disabling me from doing anything to my site. Right now the barrier to blogging […]