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Panama Fever

A book Panama Fever, The Epic Story of One of the Greatest Human Achievements, written by Matthew Parker, appears in a review in the LA Times. It’s a history of the making of the canal. Or, as they refer to it there, El Canal Panamá. Morsels from the book: The Scottish canal endeavor bankrupted the […]

Cornstarch and water

Do not try this at home: Amazing properties of (lots of) cornstarch dissolved in water. I mean, I know it’s a thickener, and all, but this boggles.

Lost America at Night

Nighttime photography of the abandoned west. Includes truck-on-a-stick.

January showers bring wildflowers

California Wildflower Report. Low deserts are gorgeous. Must go. Must go soon.

Drop and give me 20

An Enduring Measure of Fitness: The Simple Push-up. I’ve joined a very local gym and have been taking yoga, so I’ve been working on plank and chataranga, and of course, down-dog. (Here’s the push-up-like advanced chataranga. It’s not an exercise of arm strength as much as arms integrated with core strength)

Traffic Jams and gridlock in a controlled, experiment

The Japanese create congestion in a carefully controlled study and find out that it’s all human error.