Food Fight: History of wars, told by food

As someone else mentioned, there’s even an IED. If you want to understand what’s who and which wars are included, there’s a cheat sheet here

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  1. Bro-Ski

    “If someone wrote a book about your life, would anyone want to read it?!?”

    Pops told me a story about when he was in the Navy and was invited to take a plane flight with a Navy pilot bud of his during an exercise… they put him in the copilot seat and let him fly a good duration of the 5 hour night flight.

    After the flight was over during the debriefing, the aircraft commander said “So Lieutenant, you fly pretty well… How come you don’t fly as a Navy pilot?!?” He said “Well sir, I would but I couldn’t pass the flight physical!”

    [the above advertising slogan brought to you by the U S Navy –“Navy: Accelerate Your Life”TM]