Take the PEW News IQ test

12 questions to see how much you know about politics and world affairs.

8 responses to “Take the PEW News IQ test”

  1. Kelly

    Damn! I missed one! I don’t know which one…

  2. DocM

    Got lucky – got ’em all. You can check by clicking “how you did, question by question” at side of the results page.

  3. Susan A. Kitchens

    Luck?! Naaah, that’s from reading The Economist. 😉 (I don’t read the Economist as much, but I got 12/12, too. The few, the proud, the 3%)

  4. Hal

    Another 3%er with 12/12. It must be all that Daily Show and Colbert! (And PBS and NPR and BBC and …)

  5. Kelly

    I figured out which one I missed. But I didn’t really miss it…it was a slip of the fingers.

  6. Stacey

    I got only seven out of twelve, but I don’t think that’s TOO bad considering I don’t read the newspaper and don’t have television.

  7. Susan A. Kitchens

    slip of the fingers:

    oh, the agony.

    (I think we have a comment thread full of excellent students here)

  8. Mary Lu AKA HelloMaryLu

    I missed one! Drat! But then again I’m a certified news and current events junkie.