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Traffic Jams and gridlock in a controlled, experiment

The Japanese create congestion in a carefully controlled study and find out that it’s all human error.

Nominee-presumptive McCain

“Be Afraid of President McCain: The frightening mind of an authoritarian maverick” is an article from April of last year by Matt Welch. Welch used to be part of the LA Examiner site that inspired? spawned? LA OBservd, and the Welch went on to be assistant editorial page editor of the LA Times, and is […]

Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan

Jill Fallon at Estate Vaults posted a recently-found photo of Miss Keller and her teacher, Miss Sullivan. “Water, Helen, it has a name,” says Annie as she spells the letters into Helen’s hands. The story of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan as written in the play, The Miracle Worker, has left a mark on me […]

Happy National Jet-Lag Day

Each glance at the clock elicits disbelief and a tinge of panic as the body clock (and solar clock) wrestle with the numbers on the dial. Well, unless you’re in Arizona. Or Hawaii.