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Parking spaces cost more than cars

More thinking on the hidden costs behind a car-centric culture from Livable Places: Did you know that the average parking space costs more than the average car? Did you know that about a third of traffic in commercial districts is people in cars cruising for parking spots – wasting fuel and time and creating pollution, […]

New typographic term

From ironic sans. Apt and hilarious.

Texas Mariachis for Obama

¡Viva Obama! (For English translation, click the “about this video” at right)

Interesting: htaccess writing tool

htaccess Editor as described by Download Squad is an easy-to-use web 2.0 way to create text to put in an htaccess file.

Sustainability and density: Better climate with closer quarters

WorldChanging’s Alex Steffen talks about how to make a better world by denser living. If you live closer together, you can go places on foot. You don’t need a car. The best car-related innovation we have is not to improve the car, but eliminate the need to drive it everywhere we go. Lots of interesting […]

Cool staircase that’s a bookshelf

The first image in this series looks like one of those mind-blowing dimensional M.C. Escher images that confuse you about which way’s up.