Nearly 50,000 votes to go uncounted in LA County

The Decline To State double bubble ballot problem: LA Times: An estimated 49,500 primary nonpartisan ballots are marked wrong, due to design and poll instruction problems.

That’s nearly twice the number of ballots than were counted for John Edwards in L.A. County.

An estimated 49,500 votes were cast incorrectly in Los Angeles County by nonpartisan voters in the presidential primaries and cannot be counted because the voters’ intentions are unclear, acting Registrar Dean Logan said Monday.

The mismarked ballots were the result of a confusing ballot design and poor education of poll workers and the public, Logan said. That left many decline-to-state voters unaware of the need to fill in a bubble indicating whether they were voting in the Democratic Party or American Independent Party primary.

According to the CA Secretary of State’s results for LA County, 49,500 votes is, oh, nearly 4% of the Democratic Party vote. John Edwards received 26,286 votes, or 2.2% — roughly half in number of the uncountable undoubled bubble ballots.