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Well, one more thing

Lent creeps in just an hour too soon. Today, Tuesday is Mardi Gras, this Fat Tuesday, this Super Duper Tuesday. Tomorrow begins Lent. And (I’ll say it publicly this year) like last year, this year I’m gonna give up reading political blogs for lent. California’s political primary has cooperated in this, seeing as how Fat […]

recommending the field

one last thing on the election. The Field. good stuff there.

California is going to get closer

I’m seeing lots of stuff about calling it for Hillary. I think the state will still go to Hillary, but it will be much closer than it is now (55-60% Hillary). Here’s why. Lots of people with vote by mail ballots could bring them to their precinct. They’ll get counted differently (signatures compared with ) […]

Best line of the night, so far

All the other candidates are getting their speeches out of the way before Barack Obama speaks. No one wants to speak after he does. (from the live web show by The Young Turks)

The L.A. County ballot bubble

Decline to State voters can request (and must ask for) a Democratic ballot to vote in the Democratic Presidential primary election. They can also vote in the American Independent primary. But there’s a counterintuitive catch. If you’re a DTS voter, you must also fill in an additional bubble saying that you’re voting in the Democratic […]