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Why airplanes are late

It’s very simple math: If, under perfect conditions, 60 airplanes can use a runway, but airlines have scheduled 70 or more flights for that hour, it is impossible for all 70 to use the runway during that hour. [via Jim Fallows]

Web Developer Gang Sign

Sam Devore knows and shows.

At Your Cervix

Just how do medical students learn how to conduct a gynecological exam? Link goes to trailer of a documentary-in-the-making. It’s OMG must see. [via Tonyt Pierce]

Taco Bell Cannon

Via Denise Howell at Bag and Baggage If this doesn’t work, check out the YouTube link

paper origami plane from space… to earth

one small fold for humankind.

USB Wine

An idea whose time has come. I think you get the gist of the movie without knowing French. (via)