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Omnifocus, the MacOS GTD tool is gonna ship next week. You can download the public beta and buy a license before January 8 for half off (39.95 vs. 79.95 next week). I tried it yesterday, and it looks good. (brought to you by January is Infrastructure Month)

Stopping Junk Mail

January is infrastructure month. I mentioned this one before, but it bears repeating right now. Stopping junk (snail) mail via 41 pounds dot org. Send em 41 bucks. Tell them who you don’t want to get mail from. They get you off of the lists. Deluge dwindles and dries up. does the same thing, […]

How to recover a corrupt Palm Desktop file

More January is Infrastructure Month goodness! My Palm Desktop file has been in a bad way for months, opening–and then closing– with a dratted “unexpected end of file” error. Dagnabbit. Must. Get Fixed. I tried one method to merge a new, empty user file with the old one. Nope. Error message returns. Then, I saw […]