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9 simple little writing habits

Excellent advice.

Salmon run way down

according to the Modesto Bee. 80% drop from last year.

I went to the StoryCorps booth in L.A. and blogged it

I went to the StoryCorps booth in L.A. and blogged it

On Saturday the 19th, I went to MacArthur Park in downtown L.A. to interview my mom in the StoryCorps booth. My brother went to interview our dad. I wrote all about it (w/ tons of photos) at my other site. Took photos of all the gear, too.

Let there be (street) light(s)

This collection of old LA streetlamps at LACMA intrigues. There’s a rumor that my mother’s aunt, who worked as an artist for General Electric for a time, designed a streetlamp that was installed in downtown L.A. I wonder if Chris Burden (the artist) or LAMCA know the provenance of the 202 vintage streetlights?

FISA bill in 30 seconds

This is why I spent some time yesterday calling the offices of various Senators. Okay, okay, when i was doing so, it was all about the retroactive immunity for telephone companies. Here, make it legal that if they broke the law by spying on people, they got outta jail free! But this FISA bill in […]

The interrogation of Saddam Hussein

CBS interviews the Lebanon-born FBI agent who waited five months to ask about weapons of mass destruction. The illusion of having them was key to Saddam’s power against Iran. A coupla things remind me of moments from the movie The Fog of War, where former enemies from the U.S. and N. Vietnam got together years […]