Merry Betwixt and Between

Hope your Solstice Yule Christmas Ho Ho Ho has been good. I’ve been hither and yon, logging nearly 1400 car miles with trips to NoCal and to NV to visit various and sundry. And am now home again and in bed with sniffles and coughs.

2 responses to “Merry Betwixt and Between”

  1. Bro-ski

    1400 miles? That’s nothin’! That’s 1 way down from Sea-Town to La-La-land…

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    well, it sure adds up when 4 days out of a week spent to two different destinations are road trip days. But of course you win the road warrior prize for total miles driven… but this original post made no attempt to either declare for said prize nor to place onesself into competition for it.