We got your War on Christmas ™, here

Pure celebrations of Jesus’ birth: Sullied for 1700 years and counting. Which is why I’ve always thought these doses of manufactured outrage from the so-called culture war is so. damn. absurd.

As Jesus said, “The syncretists ye shall always have with you.”*

Happy Saturnalia! Happy Yule! Cut down a tree! Merry Solstice!

*okay, he didn’t say that.

2 responses to “We got your War on Christmas ™, here”

  1. NurseKerr

    Lots of changes Susan – Greetings from Peoria, IL where I have resided since mid-July!

    Albeit late, I’m “tesseracting” here to add my own M L’Engle story… On winter break from PhD studies – had my own memorial to this great author/woman by re-reading (again x 4? 5?) A Small Rain & A Severed Wasp.

    I had the chance to meet Ms. L’Engle at a bookstore in Van Nuys some years ago. My personal goal for 2008 is to (finally) visit the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York while in Newark, NJ for the Rutgers Summer Residency.

    Warm thoughts from an old friend,


  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    joyeaux noel!!!

    (this is mostly happy exclamation. Private email has been sent, forthwith, posthaste, and all that)

    btw. I like the verb “tesseract” to describe the action of travelling the internets/intertubes.