A bunch of links, TV and Internet edition

Oh, that internet media. Oh, that TV media.

8 Reasons Why The TV Studios Will Die by Andrew Baron, of Rocketboom. [via United Hollywood]

Comedy Writers, VCs to Disintermediate TV Studios [via Infectious Greed]

John Hockenberry: You Just Don’t Understand Our Audience. Hockenberry remembers his time at NBC doing Tee Vee News on Dateline in this report-and-tell (or report and then it’s spiked, then tell) personal essay. Head-shaking anecdotes of General Electric as owner conglomerate of a TV network. Clueless “integrity” training sessions (company credit card? don’t use it) interrupted by questions about conflict of interest for journalists reporting this here Iraq War news when GE, a major defense contractor, stands to benefit. binLaden reportage synergy!!! or not. Or, to put it another way: If this is how networks operate, the strike will last a long, long time.

3 responses to “A bunch of links, TV and Internet edition”

  1. Miss Havisham

    Susan, the Hockenberry link is riveting stuff. Thanks for turning us on to that!

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    Yeppers. It’s the star of this bunch. I read it yesterday evening, and spent the near-entirety of dinner describing what I’d read in there.

    Plus, I remember and liked Hockenberry when I heard him on NPR. He had some late night magazine-y show that ran for a while. Seems a person to take risks. Loved hearing the story of how he became a stringer for NPR while wheelchair-bound and the way that NPR mothership found out how J.H. gets around was when he failed to file a story on time and they asked him why, and he said he couldn’t get his wheelchair into the phone booth.

  3. Joy

    Holy toledo – that article is amazingly insightful and excellent food for thought!!
    Thanks for the link!