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We got your War on Christmas ™, here

Pure celebrations of Jesus’ birth: Sullied for 1700 years and counting. Which is why I’ve always thought these doses of manufactured outrage from the so-called culture war is so. damn. absurd. As Jesus said, “The syncretists ye shall always have with you.”* Happy Saturnalia! Happy Yule! Cut down a tree! Merry Solstice! *okay, he didn’t […]

A bunch of links, TV and Internet edition

Oh, that internet media. Oh, that TV media. 8 Reasons Why The TV Studios Will Die by Andrew Baron, of Rocketboom. [via United Hollywood] Comedy Writers, VCs to Disintermediate TV Studios [via Infectious Greed] John Hockenberry: You Just Don’t Understand Our Audience. Hockenberry remembers his time at NBC doing Tee Vee News on Dateline in […]