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Hug a friend, go to jail

Ok, not jail, but Detention.

Two handy sites

If you’re on a shared webserver. What other sites are being served/hosted on the same box? My IP Neighbors Replace the IP number after the slash with your own IP number.

Great Moments in the history of technical services

This page goes with the Librarian action figure. [via TNH Particles] 43 B.C. First attested use of an ISBN (for the special collector’s edition of Caesar’s Gallic Wars with an introduction by Marc Anthony): IXIVVIIXVIIIVIIIVIVII.

The Office is Closed

Video of WGA strikers from The Office: “You’re watching this on the internet, a thing that pays us zero dollars.” Riffing on promotion. The creative potential of lawyers. Other videos: Why we are striking. Follow the money. Or lack of it. Heroes of the Writer’s Strike. You want fries with that? Not a video, but […]

Stealing? No problem. It’s promotion!

Astute observation about the WGA: Isn’t it kind of hypocritical that on one hand the studios and networks say that unauthorized downloading or copying of content is “stealing,” because you’re taking something of value — but on the other hand, they say the writers don’t deserve residuals, because the content is valueless? Or now they’re […]