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Umberto Eco on Platform Wars: It’s religious

I used to call it Platform Jihad in the days before “jihad” was redefined in public consciousness. Umberto Eco discusses religious leanings of operating system platforms, which maketh my heart glad thereof: The fact is that the world is divided between users of the Macintosh computer and users of MS-DOS compatible computers. I am firmly […]

History of Saudi Arabia infographic

This movie intro to The Kingdom has some good infographics that explain how Saudi Arabia came to be, and found oil, and what happened after that. Under 4 mins long. [via Making Light]

Some backstory behind free conference calling site

I’ve used the site before, I think. Ah, just call some out of the way phone number in the middle of the country. My long distance rates aren’t much. No problem. It’s fascinating to read the other side of it, and how it was that they could offer this for “free.”

50 years after E-day

No, this is not a Sputnik post. (I had the radio on yesterday, and heard that chirp chirp chirp many times in many Sputnik-related news stories. After a while, God help me, the sound did grate. Now, if someone were to make it into a ringtone, it’d be cool. Why is the sound eventually irritating […]