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Browser Tab Cleanup 2: Lists of Mac OS Software

Lots of MacOS software suggestions — in handy list form! — from comments to an amusing (and enlightening, if witnessing “beginner’s mind” is your thang) set of posts by a brand new MacOS user w/ 20 years Windows experience. These three list authors put the word “essential” in their titles. Apologies for the redundancy. I’d […]

Browser Tab Cleanup 1: Wordpress Pages Widgets

O the marvelous variety of ways to list pages in the sidebar of a wordpress site. Widgets I’ve tried: Breukie’s Pages Widget Custom Pages widget. Lets you exclude pages by ID number. Flexi Pages Widget. Lotsa configuration options Haytabay’s Subpages. lists subpages of current page Widgets/Plugins I haven’t tried but might want to: Page links […]