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All things being Equator

My friend Lilli Cloud wrote an article that’s been published in the Dallas Morning News about her adventures at the equator, and whether the water swirls in a different direction north or south of the equator or not. I blogged it at the time. I’m quoted in her article; I repeat Dan Gillmor’s “your audience […]

FEMA PR dude aiming for The Daily Show

The FEMA flack who put on a false California Fire-related press conference gets canned. I think he’s gonna apply for a job at The Daily Show (fake news, you know).

Two fire truck convoys, northbound

I just finished driving south on “the five” or, as everyone else refers to it, Interstate 5, from the Bay Area to greater Los Angeles. I saw two convoys of fire trucks heading north. Done with their work. Tired firefighters, driving home. Thank you, I said, looking across the median. Thank you. Also there’s this […]

happy epilogue

I’ve been away from the Net for the last few days. During which I heard from a friend by celphone, and just now confirmed on the as-yet-incomplete address reports on the Green Valley Lake Slide Fire forum that I think our family cabin made it through. So, in our case, it’s a happy epilogue. But […]

OMG! Riots!

Shelley in Missouri fills us in on the deets. 😉

In SF Bay Area? You can do it! Visit Rosie!

In SF Bay Area? You can do it! Visit Rosie!

This Sunday, Oct 28. An outing to visit the Rosie the Riveter/ World War II Homefront national park (who knew there was a national park along the waterfront in Richmond, CA? I sure didn’t). Link goes to Upcoming Event. The park is spread out over a walking/short driving tour distance, so here are two meetup […]