My Family Oral History site make the USNWR cover story Voices of World War II

USNWR Cover 2007-0924Making History: “From World War II soldiers to the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, more people are sharing their own memories to bring the past back to life”

The cover story of the September 24 issue of US News and World Report is devoted to Ken Burns’s documentary, The War, and how people are preserving first person accounts of historical events. With World War II being in such high focus, there’s lots about the Veterans History Project.

US News Making History, spread 1Back in June, I spoke with Alex Kingsbury of US News and World Report, and gave him lotsa go here and go there pointers. I’m thrilled that his story’s penultimate paragraph is about me, my grandfather, and Family Oral History Using Digital Tools, my other website.

USNWR Making History, spread 2I discovered the USNWR issue in a doctor’s office waiting room immediately after I posted the 32nd episode of Carnival of Genealogy — Family Stories of War (to coincide with the Ken Burns The War documentary, natch). The carnival has stories that range from The Revolutionary War up to Korean Conflict.

USNWR Making History, spread 3BTW, next Thursday at PodcampSoCal, I’ll give a presentation about how podcasters (who’ve already got the ditigal tools) can participate in the Veterans History Project. Nice timing! The War airs Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, so on the day after the show breaks between broadcasts, I’ll be in Ontario, CA, talking about how you can do it, too.

8 responses to “My Family Oral History site make the USNWR cover story Voices of World War II”

  1. Jill


  2. Miss Havisham

    So inspiring.

  3. Kelly

    So awesome to see all your hard work be recognized in a national publication!!!

  4. Susan Carrier

    Congratulations! I hope that many exciting opportunities come your way as a result of this great coverage.

  5. Hal

    Susan, that’s fantastic! 🙂

  6. Susan A. Kitchens

    Thanks, everybody!!! 🙂 🙂

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  8. Claudia L. Meydrech, CN

    I was delighted to find your blog…you have been doing this for a long time! I am loving the Ken Burns series so far, have 2 episodes recorded with TIVO, and we watched some of it last night just to get a taste, and can’t wait to sit down and watch all of it…looks excellent.

    I have a Grandfather who was career military, Navy then Air Force, a retired Air Force captain who loved to share his stories…we had him sit and talk about his past on video tape years ago, and they are treasured now that he’s no longer with us.

    Really enjoyed my visit, hope to be back soon.

    Claudia L. Meydrech, CN