Face, blog, facebook

Just found out from Beth Kanter that my mug is on a blog called Compassion in Politics. It’s a foto taken by Jill Davis Doughtie on Eye Level Pasadena in her post on the last office hours event, but in the Compassion in Politics post it helps illustrate a post about Facebook.

Beth wrote me:

i saw your photo on compassionate politics blog and thought it was your blog! 🙂

(Got my hair cut a week after foto taken. Now that the foto’s getting around I wish it were the week before.)

6 responses to “Face, blog, facebook”

  1. Miss Havisham

    Oh STOP! That is the cutest picture. It’s adorable.

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    okay, okay.

    You’ve been in my thoughts with the most recent mtn fire outbreak, m’dear. GVL threatened and (for now) threat averted.

  3. Nathan Ketsdever

    Actually, my best friend Olan is an optometrist and I’m trying to get him to start a blog for fun and to help out his marketing a bit. Suggestions? What path did you take?

  4. Susan A. Kitchens

    er. Hm, as a lifelong user of optometry who chose the title for its metaphorical aspects, er, I’m not sure.

    But you gotta try out my 404 page (just type any old gibberish after the main domain name).

  5. Nathan Ketsdever

    Sorry for the confusion… I guess the imagery through me for a loop. Your 404 page is niiice!

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