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Butler 2 fire update: Air Tanker crash landed

It sounds worse than it was. Pilot is okay. Plane is okay. Tanker 492 apparently crash landed near Fox Farm Road in Big Bear City at 1:12 PM. The pilot radioed in shortly before the crash landing, stating “just had a engine failure, over the lake, going to put it in the field.”

Face, blog, facebook

Just found out from Beth Kanter that my mug is on a blog called Compassion in Politics. It’s a foto taken by Jill Davis Doughtie on Eye Level Pasadena in her post on the last office hours event, but in the Compassion in Politics post it helps illustrate a post about Facebook. Beth wrote me: […]

best sally field-related headline

They censored her, they really censored her.

More on UCI and Chemerinski: Oh, the irony!

(UPDATED- He got rehired!) Scott Moss argues that in this first big act of firing Chemerinski, UCI Law School broke the law, going against the US and California state constitution. Oh, and if the school can’t get accreditation from the American Bar Association, none of its graduates can take the Bar exam. [via TaxProf blog] […]

Butler 2 Fire update

from Rim of the This is as of about midnight last night The fire statistics were given: 15,433 acres, 12% containment. When asked about the possibility of additional evacuations for the communities west of and including Green Valley Lake, firefighters stated that at this point there is “minimal threat to Green Valley Lake” and […]

sharing google reader on web

Notes to self link: How to share items in Google Reader.