Friday not-funnies: Iraqi army disbanding retrospective edition

So Bush says somethign about being surprised about the decision to disband the Iraqi army. Then Bremer writes an Op-Ed saying, No, I mentioned it to President.

The NY Times runs a video-letter to the editor from Charles Ferguson, filmmaker of No End in Sight. This 10+ minute video rebuttal (uses Flash and has choice between Hi and Low bandwidth editions) includes lots of material from the movie: he interviewed many people personally involved with the Iraq war and on-the-ground operations in Baghdad. Plus, there’s an audio interview with Jay Garner, who was in charge of post-war Iraq planning, up to the time that Bremer came to town.

You get a good sense of what the movie is like in 10-minutes. One thing that the movie had that wasn’t in this video Letter to the Editor was the statement about how the first attack on soldiers on the highway from Baghdad to the airport took place within 48 hours of the announcement disbanding the Iraqi army.

That move– disbanding — is what created the so-called insurgency. Or, if not created, fueled the hell out of it.

The Ferguson video rebuttal — like the movie itself — is must-see.