Oh, the agony

Newport Harbor High School Tower Falls

Newport Harbor High School tower fell to the wrecking ball yesterday. OC Register, Daily Pilot

The building is naked. The corner is naked. My mom called me up and told me how sad and forlorn it looks when she drives by the school. There’s a big reunion next week… we’ll meet and have a wake, maybe?

(original photos by Bruce Chambers of the OC Register; I made em into an animated gif. There’s a link to a video on the Register’s site).

You tube videos here. Time lapse video

2 responses to “Oh, the agony”

  1. Going Like Sixty

    I would celebrate the knocking down of my high school.
    Nothing but bad memories.

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    That’s too bad (but totally understandable). Next week is my 30th reunion, and I find myself feeling a bit of trepidation. Oh, I’m going on the assumption that we’ve all grown up — we have, haven’t we?! Haven’t we?!?!?! — but trepidatiousness rears its lil face, even so.