Blog Day

Blog Day 2007 I saw somewhere that Blog Day (today) is for linking to five blogs.. to get people reading new ones.

My Long Goodbye… occasional posts where writer tries to make sense about her father’s Alzheimer’s

West Coast Grrlie Blather — My friend Kelly started blogging a goodly while back, and in more recent times has moved from posting once-every-few months to a regular (compulsive?*) several-time-a-week schedule (Her August calendar has more days filled with posts than not). Recent posts explore being a person of third culture, to discussion of the recent senseless teenage slaying in Pasadena (too close for comfort), to an early Sunday morning photo essay of liquor stores that open at 6:30 am.

The Genealogue.. genealogy news you can’t possibly use. “Odd News” department meets genealogy. Funny.

Newly discovered: Eavesdrop writer. Eavesdropped conversations

Digitization 101 All sortsa stuff about dealing with digital assets.


Go. Surf.


* um, after the number of years I’ve been doing this, that’d be projection on my part. 😉

2 responses to “Blog Day”

  1. Vienne

    Hello! Thanks much for mentioning my blog, eavesdrop writer, in your post. You have an impressive archive! As a newbie, I’m flattered to be here on an enjoyable and well-established blog. I hope you continue to like what I hear…Vienne

  2. Susan A. Kitchens

    Hi, Vienne… you and I were both mentioned on the best blogs ever site, and I visited yours off of the link there and found myself liking it… a lot. Yep, I’m an old timer, but I purposely linked to blogs that are relatively new to me, or else need wider exposure. Newbies need love, too. And old surf habits need to be shaken up a bit!