Dr. Paul MacCready, RIP

Paul MacCready, creator of the Gossamer Condor human-powered aircraft, founder of Monrovia’s AeroVironment, died.

LA Times story and AeroVironment Press Release announcing news of MacCready’s death.

I met him (and Bryan Allen, the Gossamer’s pilot and engine) at a book-signing at Vroman’s (it’s a book that didn’t appear in my recent post and photo of books purchased from Vroman’s, since I gave it to my pilot brother)

Here’s a bit about the Gossamer Condor from the LA Times article:

The spindly, translucent Gossamer Condor that resulted was crafted of aluminum tubing, plastic sheeting, piano wire and Scotch tape. It had a wingspan of 90 feet but weighed only 70 pounds. The pilot was Bryan Allen, a strong, slender bicycle racer who powered the single propeller by pedaling a drive chain made largely of old bicycle parts.

One response to “Dr. Paul MacCready, RIP”

  1. GoingLikeSixty

    I remember that! Thanks for posting this, I probably wouldn’t have known he died.
    What an amazing feat.
    PBS (probably NOVA) did a great documentary on his deal.