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What it was like to be interviewed for someone else’s background check

I was interviewed — “interrogated,” I called it, for someone else’s clearance. After she interrogated me, I interrogated her. Well, okay, I asked her about her work as an invesigator. Afterwards, I spent the rest of the afternoon writing about the experience. The date on the Word file is August 29, 2004– nearly exactly three […]

It’s fully voluntary, you’re not being coerced, but you’ll be jobless if you don’t comply

(UPDATED) That’s the upshot from NASA Administrator Mike Griffin to staff members of Jet Propulsion Laboratory about a new badge requirement where all employees, for the sake of national security, must submit themselves to — extensive! — background checks. It’s called HSPD12 — homeland security presidential directive #12, and there’s a web site put together […]

Dr. Paul MacCready, RIP

Paul MacCready, creator of the Gossamer Condor human-powered aircraft, founder of Monrovia’s AeroVironment, died. LA Times story and AeroVironment Press Release announcing news of MacCready’s death. I met him (and Bryan Allen, the Gossamer’s pilot and engine) at a book-signing at Vroman’s (it’s a book that didn’t appear in my recent post and photo of […]

Oil shale?

Interesting analysis of oil shale’s viability. But read the comments, too.