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Greater-Pasadena-area bloggers picnic (updated)

Greater-Pasadena-area bloggers picnic (updated)

We did a group picture. Debbi, who’s just starting a blog about Altadena, took a group photo. We all held up nametags, in honor of those who would not appear as 3 dimensional persons. We had pseudonymous bloggers who were present, but anonybloggers who were absent, well…. Go there to see and get the picture. […]

I miss Vroman's Summer Writer Workshops run by Linda Urban

I miss Vroman’s Summer Writer Workshops run by Linda Urban

I’ve wanted to write this post all week, but I waited till Saturday morning to do so. I’ve missed Linda Urban each summer for a few years now. Just read that she’s got a book coming out — A Crooked Kind of Perfect — and will be back at Vroman’s this October to sign it. […]