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Unicorn museum

vote for your fave billboard. [via Daily Dish] This SO needs to be on the Making Light particles.

Shuttle close to landing

Low enough for the sonic boom time. Looks like the tiles held. Cool! Or warm. Or cool next to warm. Florida Today’s Flame Trench blog is following the events. Oh, and Kennedy Space Center has a landing blog, too. UPDATE: Back safe. Bonus Update: Check out this HUD (heads up display.. i.e., cockpit view) of […]

Nebuta Float at Nisei Week Parade, Little Tokyo

Nebuta Float at Nisei Week Parade, Little Tokyo

Sunday I went to Little Tokyo for the Nisei Week celebration. I hung out at the Tofu Festival, the CosPlay contest and the Parade. Little did I know what I’d see at the parade’s conclusion…. The highlight of the parade was this float, brought over from Japan (shipped in three containers). After the rest of […]